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Workout with Drew in this 30 minute Tabata class.  20 seconds of workout, 10 seconds of rest Optional equipment: Chair or couch & weighted backpack or weight

Heading to the gym is not always an option these days and the Aspen Recreation Department wants you to know we are still here to get you moving, breaking a sweat, and having fun from any location. That is why we are excited to announce our new virtual fitness platform!

Workout from any location with LIVE classes lead by the familiar and knowledgeable fitness instructors from the Aspen Recreation Department. Just like our in person classes, participants can sign up on the sign-up genius website. You will receive a confirmation email once you sign up - your Zoom direct class link and password information will be located within your confirmation email. 

Please note the virtual studio policies and procedures below

Students must register for virtual classes. 

After signing up, students will receive a confirmation email form SignUp Genius that will contain your Zoom class link information. 

To limit class disruption, students have 5 minutes after the start of class to be logged on. 

Technical issues happen! Teachers will do their best to assist, however, instructors are there to teach fitness and cannot guarantee technical assistance. Also, as not to disrupt the class, if participants are kicked off or experience technical difficulty you are not guaranteed to be logged back into the class. 

Maybe you need a more flexible option? 

Check out some of our free videos and fitness tips to try anytime!

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