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Aspen boasts a number of outstanding natural resources including having the premier high-altitude community forest in Colorado.

The City of Aspen has established a dynamic natural resource program that encompasses both the urban forest and the surrounding natural resources, earning it the distinct designation of being a Tree City USA, as well as being accredited by the Society of Municipal Arborists.  This accreditation is the highest recognition for municipal and community forestry programs.

Tree Sizes requiring a Tree Removal Permit as follows:

  • Native material that is 3” + Diameter
  • Coniferous trees that are 4” + Diameter
  • Deciduous trees that are 6” + Diameter

The City of Aspen takes a hands-on approach of ensuring the health and vitality of its community forest and natural resources through the implementation of both a community forest management plan, as well as a noxious vegetation/restoration management plan. These plans give clear definition to the everyday operations carried out by our Department, such as tree pruning , planting, hazard tree identification/monitoring, insect and disease control, restoration or native habitats, upkeep of our cutting edge GIS-based tree inventory program, and tree preservation. The City of Aspen takes pride in the management of the community forest and surrounding open space parcels, going above and beyond management activities of communities of similar size.

It is because of this resource management that the City feels the community forest and the local natural resources will remain intact and vital for generations to come. For more information or a free house visit regarding trees or natural resources, please email the City Forester.

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Urban Forestry Analysis Reports

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